4+ Contoh Teks Report : Tentang Alam, Hewan, Tempat dan Lainnya

Contoh Teks Report

Contoh Teks Report – Membahas Contoh Teks Report akan lebih baik jika memahami penjelasannya. Teks Report merupakan teks yang berbentuk laporan yang menyajikan informasi penting mengenai sesuatu, dengan fakta dan ditulis apa adanya berdasarkan hasil penelitian atau analisis yang tersusun secara sistematis.

Teks Report juga termasuk ke dalam teks deskriptif karena memiliki fungsi teks yang hampir sama yaitu teks yang menjelaskan sesuatu seperti makluk hidup, benda, dan fenomena umum lainnya. Sedangkan untuk Teks deskriptif adalah teks yang menceritakan kejadian yang lebih khusus serta rinci.

Tujuan, Ciri dan Unsur, Struktur Dari Teks Report Lengkap dengan Contoh

Tujuan, Ciri Dan Unsur, Struktur Dari Teks Report Lengkap Dengan Contoh

Misalnya ketika guru meminta murid menjelaskan mengenai benda yang ada disekitar rumah seperti sepeda. Oleh sebab itu murid akan menjelaskan contoh teks report dengan memberikan acuan yang  akan merujuk ke berbagai hal seperti, jenis-jenis sepeda yang biasa digunakan dalam kehidupan sehari-hari.

Misalnya, sepeda olahraga, sepeda gunung dengan menuliskan penjelasan sebaik mungkin. Dibawah ini adalah tujuan dari Teks Report diantaranya :

  • Contoh Teks Report menyajikan berbagai informasi kepada pembaca tentang objek dari teks yang akan diceritakan.
  • Memberikan informasi secara rinci mengenai sesuatu, umumnya akan menggambarkan semua hal baik itu benda, fenomena alam dan juga hal lainnya seperti: Hewan, planet, tumbuhan, budaya, nama-nama negara, jenis-jenis transportasi, dan sebagainya.

Ciri-ciri Contoh Teks Report :

  • Isi dari Teks Report berisi tentang fakta-fakta ilmiah
  • Judul teks ditulis lebih umum
  • Menggunakan Simple Present Tense.

Contoh Teks Report memiliki unsur kebahasaan :

  • Menggunakan kata benda umum (benda hidup atau benda mati). : The Greatest of burobudur Temple, Panda’s habitation, elpehant dan contoh kata umum lainnya.
  • Menggunakan kata kerja yang berkaitan untuk menjelaskan objek tersebut, semisal kata to be [is, am, are: present tense], know, call, live, locate, exist, part, happend, taste dan masih banyak yang lainnya.
  • Penggunaan kata kerja Tindakan pada Contoh Teks Report menggambarkan perilaku dari objek yang ditulis, misalnya: Flamingo tidak dapat terbang/ Flamingo can’t fly ;
  • Penggunaan timeless present tense untuk menunjukan kondisi hal hal rutin harus ditulis  seperti “always, often, usually, seldom, etc.”
  • Menggunakan istilah teknis/ istilah lainnya yang mencakup teks report itu sendiri. Contohnya mengenai “Elephant” maka, istilah – istilah tentang bagian-bagian badan dari “elephant” harus ada. Contohnya : Elephant has a trunk.
  • Penggunaan paragraf dengan kalimat utama atau kalimat topik  digunakan untuk menyusun dan membuat kumpulan informasi; Topik yang dibuat ditulis ulang sebagai fokus awal pada paragraf.
  • Penulisan Contoh Teks Report pada dasarnya hampir sama dengan teks deskriptif jadi jangan sampai tertukar.

Contoh Teks Report terdiri dari dua bagian struktur teks, yaitu :

  1. General Classification Contoh Teks Report (Klasifikasi Umum)
  • Pada bagian pertama paragraph berisi pernyataan umum yang menyajikan keterangan objek yang akan dituliskan dari Teks Report itu sendiri.
  1. Description Contoh Teks Report (Deskripsi/Penjelasan)
  • Pada bagian kedua dan seterusnya, pada umumnya teks report menjelaskan atau menggambarkan gambaran situasi atau fenomena yang terjadi. Penjelasan secara rinci tentang bagian -bagiannya, kebiasaan atau sifat, tingkah lakunya, penyebab dan hal hal yang mempengaruhi objek yang diceritakan.
  • Pada fokusnya, bagian pertama menerangkan klasifikasi yang disajikan dengan cara yang ilmiah. Akan tetapi, hal yang mesti diingat jika dalam Teks Report bukan sejenis teks berita, namun teks yang ditulis secara faktual ilmiah berdasarkan fakta.

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Beberapa Contoh Lain Teks Report Berbagai Tema

Jika dirasa uraian di atas masih kurang lengkap membahas contoh dari teks report, tenang saja berikut akan disajikan kembali beberapa contohnya dengan berbagai tema. Inilah referensinya:

1. Contoh Teks Report Tentang Tempat Wisata

Contoh Teks Report Tentang Tempat Wisata

[su_box title=”Contoh Teks Report Tentang Tempat Wisata”]

Tempat wisata bisa dijadikan sebuah bahan untuk menulis. Salah satunya menulis Contoh Teks Report yang menjelaskan atau mendeskripsikan pengalaman serta berbagai hal detail yang berhubungan dengan tempat tersebut kemudian murid bisa menuangkannya ke dalam tulisan seperti dibawah ini.

Touring on Sintok Island Beach

Sintok island beach, located at the end of Jepara, Karimunjawa area, Central Java province. This island is located in the northeast of Karimunjawa Island, which is located between Karimunjawa Island and Sintok Island. There are waters that form a strait, so that coral fish appear in the strait.

The island offers the beauty of the sea and also gives beach lovers thanks for God’s blessings because in it there are many very varied coral reefs. In addition, on this beach, visitors can get a vacation experience that is much different from other beaches. That is what makes many tourists who come to this beach. There was beautiful view overthere.

If you want to go to this island, of course you have to enter Karimunjawa Island by considering the one hour trip from Karimun Island there. The admission price is very cheap, namely 5,000.00 for domestic tourists, while foreign tourists are at the rate of 150,000.00 on weekdays or weekdays while for domestic tourists 7,500.00 and foreign tourists 225,000.00.

The journey takes a while but there are two flexible ways to get there. Sintok island beach can be accessed by ferry via Semarang city or directly to Jepara. The first choice of visitors is to use a nautical ship which operates every Monday, Tuesday and Friday by paying for services as needed.

Executive Class Ac for 175,000.00 then business class 150,000.00 and VIP 200,000.00. For Friday the maritime ship only operates from 14.00 while other days from 10.30. The second option is to take the Siginjai Ferry by buying a ticket for 45,000 specifically for economy class which has a mediocre budget.

  1. Diving For Diver Lovers

Sintok Island Beach attractions have many choices. For visitors who have a plan for vacation or are indeed on a trip to the Karimunjawa area, they can try various interesting tourist attractions that are pleasing to the eye and fun, from playing on the beach to diving into the beautiful views of the sea.

Underwater diversity is certainly very interesting to explore, it would be a shame if not tried. Tourism activities that can be done are diving, lovers of marine life will definitely not miss the golden opportunity to enjoy the beautiful variety of underwater scenery that is created beautifully at the bottom of the coast of Sintok Island.

Stored neatly the scattered corals seem to protect the seabed. The amazing thing for divers will not regret diving for long in the sea. No need to hesitate about diving on the island of Sintok because the price is very affordable, which is 25,000.00. Visitors can enjoy comfortably.

  1. Snorkeling

Underwater beauty where divers or those who frequently snorkel will definitely be spoiled with underwater views such as table coral. Table coral is similar to mushrooms, staghorn corals, brain corals, and it’s not complete if you don’t see the types of fish that roam around coral reefs. Coral fish found on the seabed of Pulau Sintok Beach are very well preserved because the managers are very monitoring illegal fishing activities.

This spot can be used to fulfill the social media accounts of divers, besides being able to relax on the coast, you can also enjoy the beauty of the underwater world. Ticket prices for snorkeling are affordable, with 15,000.00 visitors being able to do this tour. Just bring the camera and capture the beautiful moments.

  1. Camping

Another very fun activity is to camp or camp on the coast. Outdoor atmosphere with stretching white sand beaches. Camping with a stretch of sea breeze that provides serenity allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of camping on the beach in Karimunjawa. Outdoor activities that are favored by many tourists, especially visitors who are married or come with friends, coworkers, and partners. An attractive view and certainly will not cost a fortune by paying a camping fee of 50,000.00.

There are also home tents that can be used and ordered by families to stay overnight because there is also a kind of night market there. Camping enthusiasts should try camping and enjoy the beautiful sunset while lighting a campfire, not forgetting the fish grilling activity. Fish that are burned are also taken from the open sea. It will be a wonderful and unforgettable experience of all time.

  1. Tracking Mangrove Forest

While on vacation, of course you must also visit the mangrove forests in the Karimunjawa area, guaranteed that there will be no views like this. Mangrove forests have an important function to protect erosion from seawater on the coast which is prone to occur in Indonesia. Visitors can enjoy a leisurely walk around the mangrove forest while seeing the various animals around the forest.

For visitors who like selfies, make sure to capture the moment of sightseeing by visiting the mangrove forest which is difficult to find on any island. While enjoying the roar of the beach water and the breeze that accompanies the visitors’ steps slowly. This sight will not escape the memories of the visitors.

Sintok Island is not only famous for its underwater beauty, but for its marine turtle habitats which the government has been cultivating until now. The turtle eggs that were deliberately taken from Sintok Island are re-treated in special captivity. There are two types of sea turtles being developed, namely the green turtle and the hawksbill turtle.

The beauty of Pulau Sintok Beach is not just a release for fatigue while on vacation but what must be ensured, of course, must be maintained as best as possible by the people around or the tourists who come.

Therefore take care of this beautiful creation of God, not only visiting but still maintaining the cleanliness of the beach without polluting the environment so that the beauty of Pulau Sintok Beach is maintained to become one of the cultural heritage in the future.[/su_box]

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2. Contoh Teks Report tentang Pendidikan

Contoh Teks Report Tentang Pendidikan

[su_box title=”Contoh Teks Report tentang Pendidikan”]

Tema pendidikan bisa menjadi sumber yang relevan untuk murid yang mencari Contoh Teks Report karena bisa menjadi sumber belajar yang searah dengan pemahaman siswa mengenai fenomena pendidikan saat ini yang sangat erat kaitannya dengan pembelajaran jarak jauh seperti berikut.

The Effect of Online Learning for Teachers, Students and Parents

After undergoing teaching and learning activities with a blended system where there are terms online, offline and home visit learning. Now teachers and students have to restart the system because the surge in Covid-19 patients has increased to more than 800 thousand in Indonesia. Then what happens is the impact is BDR will be repeated again.

Six months ago teachers and students as well as parents of students felt the weight of learning from home even though the government made it easy by providing learning quotas to overcome students accessing various kinds of material from all subjects on the Internet but face-to-face learning is still awaited.

Parents’ complaints about the guidance and understanding of students who are getting depleted every day, boredom of students who don’t concentrate on learning because to be honest, Tik Tok is more attractive than Google Classroom.

The teacher has done various kinds of ways, solutions have been implemented, considering that teachers will not be willing to see their students understand all the material alone. Teachers are not just silent contemplating fate because they cannot carry out their obligations as before, but they have taken various kinds of solutions by conducting online learning through various types of platforms such as using Whats Up, Google Classroom, Google Form, Zoom meetings plus offline schedules.

which was made using small groups that included various students at different times with the zoning system had been carried out but unfortunately the results were ineffective and less significant because students needed more time to digest the material that the teacher provided.

The question is how will online learning impact teachers, students and parents?

  1. Join the KBM in full online

The government has warned all education units in all regions in Indonesia not to do face-to-face schools but online, they can use media such as Whats Up, Google Classroom, Google Meeting, Zoom meeting, school.id and so on. However, if you look back at the attainment of understanding, it seems that it will only reach less than 50% because online learning does look effective and efficient, but the problem is that online learning is always focused on student centers where students have to be more active and teachers become facilitators while for distance-based teaching and learning, of course the guidance that will be received will not be as optimal as usual.

  1. Students’ scientific insight is limited

Learning is still ongoing even though it is carried out in various ways, such as online or offline, students can continue to follow online system learning but it does not rule out the students’ scientific insights as if they are limited because they can only look for their own sources while their teachers have been imprisoned by rules that cannot be followed.

For example, a teacher who teaches the present tense formula who must be more innovative by combining media such as YouTube or other media such as Google Meet, in a way where virtual meetings allow students to ask directly, the rest of the students will learn self-taught.

  1. Coordination between teachers, students and parents

Every student’s development, of course, parents want to know it both cognitive, affective and psychomotor. Parents will certainly be proud if indeed students who are actually children can get maximum results, it’s just that all teachers, students and parents as well as the community should coordinate and synergize with each other in guiding distance learning activities by accompanying learning, monitoring every student movement and becoming an extension. hands when students do not understand the material.

It could also be that parents take part in the success of online learning because they can work together and are directly involved in assisting students when studying, the difference is if the teacher accompanies students at school while parents do it at home.

In fact, this incident can teach us that distance can distance us, but we can take better care of ourselves in order to save the future of our children and grandchildren by continuing to hold BDR from home and then following health protocols while wherever we are.[/su_box]

3. Contoh Teks Report Tentang Binatang

Contoh Teks Report Tentang Binatang

[su_box title=”Contoh Teks Report Tentang Binatang”]

Tema yang bisa diambil lainnya tentang binatang, dimana murid bisa menjelaskan atau mendeskripsikan mengenai makluk hidup di sekelilingnya. Tema ini bisa membantu siswa menulis Contoh Teks Report yang baik dan benar sekaligus memberikan pemahaman yang akurat.

Definition Of Cat

Cats are tame animal that can be maintained by humans. Cats have a lot of things that humans love to keep them. Cats are similar in anatomy to the other felids, with a strong, flexible body, they have a variety of coat colors (white, brown, black, white-orange, and many more),  cats usually have a long tail (sometimes there is a short one), cats have a sharp hearing. Weights ranging from 2.5 to 7 kg, and cats rarely weigh up to 10 kg.  Cat ages range from 15 to 20 years.

 Cats have sharp teeth adapted to killing small prey. Cat has a good senses. They can smell fit a crepuscular and predatory ecological niche. Cats  also can hear sounds too faint or too high in frequency for human ears, they have sharp hearing for example a voice those made by mice and other small animals. They have sharp eyesight, no wonder they can see in near darkness. Like most other mammals, cats have poorer color vision but they have a better sense of smell than humans.

Cats Behaviour

Cats have cute and adorable behaviors that make this animal much liked by humans, especially when used as pets. For cat lovers, cat behavior is a powerful tool and way to understand what a cat wants. The following are some of the cat behaviors that cat lovers need to understand.

  1. Snoring

Cats are among the animals that can make a snoring sound that usually occurs when a cat is happy, feels comfortable with human presence or experiences satisfaction. But another reason a cat purrs is when the cat is sick or when the cat is about to die. This kind of snoring aims to reduce pain and stress.

  1. Massage

Do you often see cats being masseurs? Please note that one of the behaviors that cats often do is massage. Cats use their palms alternately by pressing their palms against another cat’s body or on a human. Another thing a cat does when massaging is gently tugging at its paws. Usually a cat when massaging another cat’s body or human body is accompanied by a snoring sound.

  1. Reflex Straightening

One of the cat’s abilities is the straightening reflex, which is the cat’s ability to direct the cat’s body when it falls in the right position. This straightening reflex ability is usually owned by a cat that is 3-4 weeks old and this ability will be perfect when the cat is 7 weeks old. This straightening reflex ability in cats occurs because cats have a flexible body and spine plus a functional collarbone.

  1. Breeding Cats

The high reproductive rate for kate is enormous. Controlling cat breeds is very difficult. They can be bred and given birth quickly as pedigree pets registered. Failure to control the breeding of domesticated cats by sterilizing and leaving household pets, resulting in the large number of feral cats worldwide.

Cats have adorable behavior that makes this animal liked by many people. Common cat behaviors are snoring, climbing, and have a straightening reflex. It is possible that your cat is purring, which is feeling happy, satisfied, or even in pain but when they hunt the cat will be different.  

The way the cat hunts is the best way. Cats are the greatest predatory animals in the world and have amazing hunting skills which are able to hunt more than 1000 species for their food. Due to their small size, this cat is not dangerous for humans, it’s just that there is a possibility of being bitten by a cat because it can be infected with rabies.

In addition, the possible danger is that if bitten or scratched by an ordinary cat, it can cause painful wounds to humans.

Cats are usually indifferent to solitary animals but usually cats can form colonies which are usually done by feral cats. This cat colony does not attack like lions who usually ambush their prey.

Each cat usually has its own territory or territory, for males who are sexually active usually have scattered areas while for sterile males usually have a small area. The cats themselves also have a neutral area where cats from all over the place can meet and monitor each other without territorial conflict. If the cat is outside of neutral ground then the boss cat will usually chase and chase away strangers.

Based on current cat behavior, the feral cat is the monyang grandmother of a domestic cat. The cat is happy with a warm atmosphere and is usually very happy to bask in the warm rays of the anger. When pooping cats usually bury them in sand and this litter will dry out in the sand.[/su_box]

4. Contoh Teks Report Tentang Berkendara Yang Baik Untuk Anak

Contoh Teks Report Tentang Berkendara Yang Baik Untuk Anak

[su_box title=”Contoh Teks Report Tentang Berkendara Yang Baik Untuk Anak”]

Tema yang erat kaitannya dengan kebiasaan serta fenomena yang sering terjadi dalam kehidupan. Contohnya tema mengenai cara mengendarai kendaraan beroda yang bisa menjadi bahan untuk menulis Contoh Teks Report sehingga bukan hanya mengarang bebas melainkan melaporkan kejadian yang sedang terjadi saat ini.

 Kids Driving Vehicle

It was not strange kids at an early age, many of them drive vehicles, therefore many kids dare to bring the vehicle to highway without any sense of doubt and without thinking about their own personality. In my opinion, I do not agree that a child at an early age are driving a vehicle because too many risks that they face, especially on the highway.

In addition, data from the Jakarta Police Merdeka.com released on Monday (9/9) states that the number of traffic accidents involving minors from 2011 to 2012 rose by 160 percent. In 2011 there were 40 cases, whereas in 2012 occurred 104 cases. Members of the House of Representatives Commission X Surahman Hidayat said, the data should serve as a warning to all parents to not carelessly let kids drive a vehicle.

It was not strange kids at an early age, many of them drive vehicles, therefore many kids dare to bring the vehicle to highway without any sense of doubt and without thinking about their own personality. In my opinion, I do not agree that a child at an early age are driving a vehicle because too many risks that they face, especially on the highway.

When driving a car, their height has not been able to see the road perfectly and sometimes a lot of violations that result does not have a driver’s license. Need good coordination to run the brake pedal, gas pedal, knob, steering wheel and so on.

In addition, data from the Jakarta Police Merdeka.com released on Monday (9/9) states that the number of traffic accidents involving minors from 2011 to 2012 rose by 160 percent. In 2011 there were 40 cases, whereas in 2012 occurred 104 cases. Members of the House of Representatives Commission X Surahman Hidayat said, the data should serve as a warning to all parents to not carelessly let kids drive a vehicle.

In the era of globalization and modern era, as now, using a motor vehicle to perform various activities is something reasonable because the use of motor vehicles is more effective and efficient. But on the other side of this situation raises a problem. Here I would like to persuade you that driving vehicle is beneficial for us, especially in this modern era.

Driving vehicle not only more time to gain experience but also increase independence especially for kids. In a debate about Police Traffic in Sidoarjo, East Java, there are participants who proposed exemption requirements age of ownership driving license ( SIM ).

They are junior high school students are on average still 13 years old. They argue, bring your own motor ease the burden of parents. Economical transport costs. They also felt he had advanced driving. Instead, the parents themselves are trained. Therefore to foster self-contained nature of course should begin by familiarizing yourself without burdening others especially our lovely family.

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There are Three reason why kids are not ready to drive a vehicle :

Firstly, physical not ready, physically, kids are not ready to drive a vehicle. For example, a motorcycle, their feet are still not ready to withstand the load when the motor is shaky. When driving a car, their height has not been able to see the road perfectly. Need good coordination to run the brake pedal, gas pedal, knob, steering wheel and so on.

Recently there was a case series of accidents that occurred in Jagorawi and the driver of the vehicle was the son of a famous musician in Indonesia. Dul, known as Abdul Qadir Jilani injured and broken bones. Dul crashed his car by two other cars at kilometer 8, Sunday 08-09-13, at approximately 0:45 pm. This where the role of parents is needed here, especially in kids development parents should consider giving the vehicle.

Secondly, psychological conditions are still unstable. The most fundamental reason why kids are not ready to drive a vehicle is unstable psychological conditions, especially during puberty. Teens at the age of 17 years is considered to have stabilized in controlling emotions during driving. Stable emotions allows them to take the right decisions, especially when riding a motorcycle or in a car. The accident suffered by riders under the age of being unable to control the vehicle so often lose control when driving on the highway.

Thirdly, Obedience Obey Traffic Signs and Regulations Low. In addition to having a driver’s license, obedience kids to obey signs and traffic regulations are still lacking. For example, Junior High School In Subang, West Java. Many are exposed to raids because they don’t have a driving license.

However, people who disagrees with this situation still think about Physical not ready and Obedience obey traffic sign and regulation laws for kids because, physically, kids are not ready to drive a vehicle. For example, a motorcycle, their feet are still not ready to withstand the load when the motor is shaky. When driving a car, their height has not been able to see the road perfectly and sometimes a lot of violations that result does not have a driver’s license. Need good coordination to run the brake pedal, gas pedal, knob, steering wheel and so on.

But if we think twice many benefits that we feel by having a vehicle. Because with any consideration of the perceived benefits actually have a positive impact for all our activities, for students, housewives, office workers and others. As a result I believe have a vehicle is not bad actually very helpful.

It is obvious that all kids driving vehicle are not ready driving vehicle, therefore parents should be more wise when allowing their kids to drive vehicles on the highway. There are many safety and life must be maintained. So keep realizing and thinking about our safety.[/su_box]

Contoh Teks Report diatas bisa menjadi bahan untuk membuat tugas atau menjelaskan secara lengkap dan sesuai berdasarkan penjelasan yang sudah tersusun rapi mengenai Contoh Teks Report. Pada intinya Teks Report biasa digunakan untuk melaporkan atau menjelaskan sesuatu seperti makluk hidup, benda dan fenomena alam yang terjadi disekitar kehidupan

Demikianlah penjelasan teks report yang bisa digunakan untuk pembelajaran dan penyampaian materi di kelas IX. Semoga bermanfaat dan bisa membuat pemahaman guru ataupun murid lebih memahami cara menyusun teks report yang baik berdasarkan contoh teks report yang faktual dan ilmiah.

Contoh Teks Report

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